2012 CRC - CTTC (Programs) Summary


CTTC at CRC 2012 - after a great year of programs we are already planning next years activities. From attending this training came some great ideas and opportunities to again share Distinguished Lecturers with other chapters within our region. ASHRAE has increased funding for the DL program and we are looking forward to continuing with multiple visits again next year so we can utilize these great resources and bring them to our membership.

A survey tool for matching up the wants of the membership to the programs provided was discussed. This will be coming out shortly, please provide us with some feedback so we can focus on the areas that interest our membership for next year.

Many of the chapters were quite impressed and interested with the Mechanical Extravaganza and all the associated training that came with this which was a good discussion point. Thanks to the members for making that day a success, it was noticed not just locally but regionally as well.

As with everything comes planning and we will be putting our program together early and provide the membership with another fantastic year.

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