2012 CRC Overall Summary


2012 Region XI CRC was held in Winnipeg from held May 10 -13. Overall the experience was a success. In addition to the regular business meetings I was able to attend Regional Training on Student Activities, YEA, and CTTC. There was quite a bit of new information that was passed down and I will do my best to use this in bringing you the members a better product in 2013. In case you were wondering what the benefits of your chapter sending multiple officers to the Regional Conference, much of it comes in this training and the idea sharing that happens throughout the whole weekend. There were so many great ideas that came up and I am already getting excited for next year.

One of the general concerns that the regional delegates had was our finances, we acknowledged this and we have made corrective actions and are continuing to focus on this area. Another area of concern for us appeared to be the percentage of area assigned members paying society dues but not local dues as well. This money goes to help paying the expenses our chapter incurs and if people opt out of this it makes it difficult to continue provide the level of service that we currently enjoy.

If anyone has questions or comments please feel free to contact any one of your board members.

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