2012 CRC Student Activities Summary


Student Activities at CRC 2012 – our chapter currently has a strong presence in the local post secondary schools, this will continue into next year. ASHRAE has developed an online database for activities to help out with presentations for our younger audience. That’s right K-12. There is a big push currently to get kids interested in science and peak there interest. Our current presentation that we have created and been presenting for the grade 3 Hot and Cold toic locally drew a lot of interest in discussions and I am working on sharing this information with a couple of other Region XI chapters.

As mentioned before if you are doing a presentation for any students please let us know. This work is appreciated and we would like to recognize that and track it.

During the SA training we worked in teams to do simple presentations focusing on science. This does not need to be directly related to HVAC&R to be noticed. All students minds are wanting to soak up information and we have a great opportunity to possibly peak the interest of younger students as well as Post Secondary. Help us help you.

We have one of the stronger presences among chapters in the local post secondary and this will continue next year.

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