March 2011

YEA Mixer March 18th


Young Engineers in ASHRAE (YEA) was formed to bring together ASHRAE Members 35 years and younger. Typically many of these members dont feel as comfortable breaking in to the exisitng cliques that have formed within our chapter. In order to keep our chapter fresh and be able to replace the knowledge as it leaves it is essential to draw these young individuals into our world. If you know anyone who you feel would benefit from such a group please get them to have a look at this event. If you fit the YEA category please come out and join us on March 18th. Tom Jacknisky 

ASHRAE YEA Leadership Weekend


I attended the fall edition of this conference in October. It was such a good experience I thought I should pass this on so people don't miss out. The registration deadline is right away but if you contact Colleen you might be able to get a spot. This weekend is put on by ASHRAE for the YEA members. It was a great experience to not only converse with other YEA members but the course that we went through was invaluable in my day to day activities at work

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