October 2011

7th International Conference on Cold Climate - call for papers


ASHRAE, along with HVAC&R, architecture, interior design and building construction industry colleagues from around the world, will host the seventh International HVAC Cold Climate Conference, Nov. 12-14, 2012, in Calgary, Alberta

Cold Climate HVAC 2012 will provide key elements of a strategy by which scientists, designers, engineers, manufacturers and other decision makers in cold climate regions can achieve good indoor environmental quality (IEQ), with a minimum use of resources and energy.

ASHRAE Presidential Member Lynn Bellenger Remembered


It is with deep sadness that I announce the passing of immediate past ASHRAE President Lynn Bellenger, who was the first woman President in the Society's history.
I had the pleasure of meeting Lynn for the first time when Edmonton hosted the Chapters Regional Conference in 2008.  She most recently joined our chapter for a Presidential visit this January, speaking at the luncheon and dinner meeting as well as chatting with young members at a YEA mixer.  She was inspiring and will most certainly be missed within ASHRAE and the HVAC industry.

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