March 2012

JOHN ROSS Overwhelming Success


What a great day at the Granite Curling Club. Despite the dump of snow outside we had a great turnout of 46 curlers. First off we woudl like to thank all our competitors for braving the eelments and helping to make this day a great sucess. Another huge thanks goes out to all teh people who dropped off prize donations. This chapter is very fortunate to have such great support from the local ASHRAE boosters. Contractors, Suppliers, Engineering Firms, and Individuals supporters you made this event another success.

Recommended Reading for YEA: Venting Types for Gas-Fired Boilers


Confused about venting types? Trying to figure out if the 'W' in Type BW Vent in the specification is a typo or a real type of venting?   This article from is an easy to understand explanation of the types of vents for gas-fired boilers.

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