April 2012

We Did It! - Welcome New Members!


This year we were tasked with adding 7 new members to our roster, and we did it!

We started the year with 267 assigned members with a net growth goal of 274. Just a few days ago I was updated with our new numbers and we were only 1 away from reaching our goal. Today I received notification that another member signed up...and tada! Goal met!

But hey, don't let that stop you from bringing some of your co-workers into the fold. We'll gladly accept new members at any time during the year.

ASHRAE Technology Awards


The deadline for the ASHRAE technology Awards is fast approaching, but there is still time to make a submission. If anyone feels that they have an interesting project that involved innovative technological concepts and would like to communicate these systems to other ASHRAE members, then the ASHRAE Technology Awards are the perfect means to achieve this.
ASHRAE Technology Award applications are accepted in each of the following categories:
I.Commercial Buildings (New and Existing)
II.Institutional Buildings (New and Existing)
oEducational Facilities

ATTN: YEA! Upcoming Tech. Session on "Radiant Surfaces"


We would like to offer a special invitation to all YEA Members, for our upcoming Technical Session on "Radiant Surfaces"!

This Technical Session is specifically geared towards our younger industry professionals.

Becoming proficient with newer technologies can be intimidating, so what better way to learn than from an Industry Expert?!

Did someone say LOBSTER.......


Once again the ASHRAE NAC wil be teaming up with the MCA / SMCAA to bring you a fantasitc end of the year social. Keep your eyes open for the notices which will be coming to your mailboxes. Bring your spouses out to enjoy the festivities. Lobsters will be flown in fresh from Atlantic Canada for this years festivities. East Coast Celtic Music will be on hand and the BAAAR WILL BE OPEN BAYE. Keep your eyes and ears open for the notice so you can sign up, you wont want to miss this event ~ASHRAE SOCIAL COMMITTEE

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