ASHRAE NAC Research Up over Previous Years


The 2013/2014 is proving to be a tough year for ASHRAE Research.  Regional contributions are down from the February Goal, and almost all chapters are behind on their targets.  If there is one bright light, it is ASHRAE Northern Alberta Chapter, as we are one of the few chapters that are UP over last year and EXCEEDING TARGETS.
We also need to keep the momentum up to stay ahead of the rest of the pack.  Pressure is on for all the chapters in our region, and while NAC is poised to be the shining star of the region, but we have to be ready to meet the challenge.  Right now SAC and Saskatoon are both pushing hard and I would not want to have NAC fall behind them.
What can you do to help?   Now is the time to contribute.  If your Company has been thinking of making a contribution and haven't had a chance, now is the time.  Contributing is easy, simply click on the links in the attached PDF's and you are on your way. 
A big THANK YOU to Arrow Engineering and to DIALOG for their contributions this year.  Both have stepped up and made SILVER level contributions for research and I hope that shortly they will not be alone.  An additional thank you to everyone who have made their contributions for the current year, without you we wouldn't be where we are now.


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