2012 CRC Student Activities Summary


Student Activities at CRC 2012 – our chapter currently has a strong presence in the local post secondary schools, this will continue into next year. ASHRAE has developed an online database for activities to help out with presentations for our younger audience. That’s right K-12. There is a big push currently to get kids interested in science and peak there interest.

2012 CRC YEA Summary


YEA at CRC 2012 – another very successful part of our chapter was noticed at the CRC. Members 35 years and younger are becoming more active and bridging the age gap which is great to see and people were asking me about our YEA Activities and why we were having success with it.

ATTN: YEA! Upcoming Tech. Session on "Radiant Surfaces"


We would like to offer a special invitation to all YEA Members, for our upcoming Technical Session on "Radiant Surfaces"!

This Technical Session is specifically geared towards our younger industry professionals.

Becoming proficient with newer technologies can be intimidating, so what better way to learn than from an Industry Expert?!


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