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2012 CRC Overall Summary


2012 Region XI CRC was held in Winnipeg from held May 10 -13. Overall the experience was a success. In addition to the regular business meetings I was able to attend Regional Training on Student Activities, YEA, and CTTC. There was quite a bit of new information that was passed down and I will do my best to use this in bringing you the members a better product in 2013. In case you were wondering what the benefits of your chapter sending multiple officers to the Regional Conference, much of it comes in this training and the idea sharing that happens throughout the whole weekend.

We Did It! - Welcome New Members!


This year we were tasked with adding 7 new members to our roster, and we did it!

We started the year with 267 assigned members with a net growth goal of 274. Just a few days ago I was updated with our new numbers and we were only 1 away from reaching our goal. Today I received notification that another member signed up...and tada! Goal met!

But hey, don't let that stop you from bringing some of your co-workers into the fold. We'll gladly accept new members at any time during the year.

Remember When......................


Interesting photo found in the vault.........Look at all the smiles. You too could have as much fun as these whipper snappers did. Remember to sign up for the John Ross ASAP so you dont miss out on your opportunity to reach the same level of greatness as these past champions.

Great Year for Students of the ASHRAE NAC


Tom & I would like to thank everyone from the chapter for another fantastic Student Night. There have been many positive comments coming back from both the UofA, and NAIT students. Please remember that the Student Activities Comittee will be in contact with these students, so if you are in need of an up-and-coming HVAC'er please feel free to contact us and we will be sure to pass this message along to the students.

ASHRAE Membership 2011-2012


As this year's Membership Promotion Chair, I would like to personally thank each one of our chapter's Members, Associate, Affiliate, and Student Members for their continued dedication to ASHRAE, as well as to invite those of you who are not yet members to sign up!

There are many advantages to becoming a member--both at the Society level and the Chapter level. To quote from the Society web site's Membership page:


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