NAC Membership Renewal Draw


Attention NAC Members,
Have you been a little slow in renewing your membership lately?  Well rather then a public flogging, here at the Northern Alberta Chapter we have decided to do something that should leave you with a few less bruises.  Starting today, any former member, or any member that has a membership that has expired within the last 6 months, has a chance to be entered into a draw for a $20 gift card.  How do I enter you ask?  Easy!  Simply renew your membership online as usual and you will be entered into the draw!  If you notice that you are still an Associate member, simple update your ASHRAE bio with all the latest information and send an email to requesting to be upgraded to a Full Member.  An upgrade to a Full Member will get you a second,  yes sit down, A SECOND entry into the draw.  There will be a total of 5 gift cards handed out at the Feb 21st.  So RENEW, UPGRADE and bask in the glory and admiration of your peers at the Feb 21st meeting.
Devin SIkorski
Membership Promotions Co-Chairman

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