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Every year you get the same old schpeel. Please donate to ASHRAE Research. People very generously open up their cheque book each year. Thank you for this.
Do you know what ASHRAE Research actually does for you?
As a design professional in the buidling sciences indsutry I'm sure you have seen the ASHRAE Handbooks
**Research Funding goes to advance and update these books every year**
Do you go to the hospital ? Many research projects on mproving the standards used in hospital design and operation.
**Its estimated that more than 700,00 surical infectioins prevented each year**
**ASHRAE Research is currently funding a research project for the OPTIMIZATION of CRYOSURGICAL PROBES for CANCER TREATMENT**

Do you have kids that are in school ?
**Indoor air quality is proven to increase learning in students. Several Research projects are addressing this**
**ASHRAE Research Standards are helping to make schools more energy efficient saving you the tax payer money**

Do you ever travel on a plane ?
**Currently there are 2.2 billion passengers that fly every year. Multiple research projects on the indoor air quality within aircrafts are helping travel become saferfor everyone**
Do you eat at a restaurant or go to a swimming pool ?
**Research to deal with off-gassing in pools and better Indoor Air Quality in these spaces are vreating safer environments for the public.**
**Better quality exhaust procdures are being produced for restaurants improving the quality of not only the employees but
Approximatley 30% of all energy usage in the world come from buildings. Think of all the research projects that are working to create more efficient processes to handle these buildings, yes it adds up and it affects you.  


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