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    Latest ASHRAE Northern Alberta Chapter News

    ASHRAE NAC Research Up over Previous Years


    The 2013/2014 is proving to be a tough year for ASHRAE Research.  Regional contributions are down from the February Goal, and almost all chapters are behind on their targets.  If there is one bright light, it is ASHRAE Northern Alberta Chapter, as we are one of the few chapters that are UP over last year and EXCEEDING TARGETS.

    ASHRAE NAC Research Promotion Recognition


    We would like to thank all of our investors who have contributed to the 2013/2014 ASHRAE Research Campaign.  We have recently surpasses 40% of our annual goal.  We wish to recognize everyone who has made it possible for ASHRAE to continue it's research based programs, including the Handbook series, the technical programs, ASHRAE Standards, and all special publications.

    Save the date: November 20th - Lunch Meeting and Training


    This November, we are please to have Reg Brown from Price give a talk on displacement ventilation in healthcare facilities. After lunch there will be technical training on general displacement ventilation systems and critical controls for displacement systems in healthcare. This training will cover room pressurization, venturi valves, fume hoods and fume hood controls.

    ASHRAE YEA LeaDRS program


    A Regional program is proposed to allow for the development of future Regional leaders through their shadowing of current DRCs and support from the Region.  LeadDRS would be a program that is run, funded, and administered by each Region in order to develop incoming or new Regional leadership.  As a participant in this program, the DRC would select a participant from the Region to shadow the DRC at a Society Winter or Annual conference.  The participant’s travel expense would be covered by the Region as an investment in the development of their future leadership.   While not specifically required, it is the intention of this program to prepare new YEA members their upcoming duties and expectations as a Regional leader through direct interaction with the DRC.


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